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I’m starting a children’s books newsletter!

October 1, 2020

I’m launching a children’s books newsletter! It’s called What Book Now? and it’s a free monthly email to help busy parents, educators and other lovely adults find amazing, inclusive kids’ books at a glance.

Already in? Great, love it! Sign up here or by filling in the form either to the right or at the end of this post, depending if you’re reading this on a computer, tablet or phone.

Want to know more? Read on! Let’s start with my reason for starting the What Book Now? newsletter. Basically, I’ve spoken to so many parents and teachers who REALLY want to get children reading diverse, interesting and brilliantly written books. But they so often end up going for the same old classics and celeb-author blockbusters because they just don’t have time to search around for anything different.

Book blogs are amazing but there’s just so much choice that even I can find it a bit overwhelming! So I thought, let’s make it simple. Each issue has two picture books (0-6ish), two chapter/information books (around 7+) and two middle-grade books (9+). I only choose books that I really love, and I try to make the selection as inclusive as possible.

I also pop in a 5-minute feature to give a quick glimpse of children’s publishing today, because publishing is still a strangely mysterious beast and I always have people asking me how books are made – more adults than children! Importantly, each issue ends with ‘Grown-Ups Corner’, with some well-deserved treats and pop culture bits for adults who care so much about kids loving reading that they’re reading my newsletter 🙂

I also mostly feature books that have been out for a couple of months or more, so they’re easier to borrow from libraries or family friends or to buy second-hand. Because although shiny, brand-new books are a beautiful thing, and independent bookshops really need our support, realistically most of us don’t have unlimited book-buying funds, right?

With that in mind, everyone signing up to the newsletter gets a free ebook, 15 Ways to Find Free and Cheap Children’s Books. I really hope it’s helpful, I tried very hard to make it so!

If you like the sound of all this, click here to subscribe to What Book Now? – or fill in the sign-up form in the sidebar. And please spread the word, online and offline, to anyone who has kids, works with kids or – like me – just loves kids’ books! Thanks so much 🙂

Note: This post includes Blackwell’s affiliate links, so I may get a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Blackwell’s is an independent bookseller that offers free UK delivery – or international delivery included in the book price.