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Book Adventures – a free reading activities pack for kids

January 6, 2021

Book Adventures reading activities pack for kids

Whatever’s going on in our lives, we can always count on books to be full of new adventures. And while kids are mostly stuck at home rather than out having real-life adventures, that’s more important than ever. I’ve created this reading activities pack for kids to keep track of everything they discover in the books they read – new places and people, new things to make them think and laugh.

I’ve made three versions of this free, downloadable 5-sheet activity pack – a printable PDF and two fill-in digital files (Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint) – so it’s as helpful as possible for parents and educators doing an amazing job trying to keep kids engaged and entertained in tough times.

Here are two of the five sheets… one for book reactions and one for characters.

So what’s in this reading activities pack?

Each of the activity sheets includes five spaces for kids to write or draw about their reading discoveries, along with prompts to help spark their memories and ideas. Reflecting on reading experiences in this way can help kids organise their thoughts and better remember what they’ve learned, but it’s also just a lovely record of how books have expanded and enriched their lives and minds.

Click the links below to download the version of the Book Adventures reading activities pack that suits you best – or you can download a folder with all three versions, to keep and use as and when you need them.

Let the Book Adventures begin!

Book Adventures reading activities pack downloads:
PDF printable
Fill-in Google Slides file
Fill-in Microsoft Powerpoint file
Folder – includes PDF, Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint files

And if you want any fun books to help children discover how fascinating our world really is, I’ve written some! Maybe their next adventure could be exploring modern art? Helping to solve the climate crisis? Or doing fun psychology quizzes to help understand themselves a bit better? Alternatively, you could sign up to my What Book Now? newsletter and each month you’ll get my top children’s book recommendations, plus a fun activity for kids (and a few nice things for yourself).

I hope you and the kids in your life really enjoy this Book Adventures reading activities pack. Please do get in touch to let me know how you get on, I’d so love to hear from you.

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