Author & Editor

Alice has written more than forty books for children, about everything from art to outer space. She has also edited and contributed to many other books for children, young people and adults. Bonus: she translates from French to English, too!

Alice started out as an editor in educational publishing, later taking up the role of Children’s Editor at Thames & Hudson. After some time in the charity sector, co-ordinating and managing child-centred projects for Victim Support and the National Literacy Trust, she returned to publishing in 2017 as a self-employed author, editor and creative consultant.

Alice’s original book concepts include the award-winning Why Is Art Full of Naked People? and she has developed new titles and series for several publishers on a wide range of subjects. She’s always full of ideas, so if you’d like her to create something new — or come on board to work on your own brilliant concept — please do go ahead and get in touch.