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5 Things I Love About… – a free activity pack for kids

February 10, 2021

Even in the darkest of days, there’s a lot to love about the world – if we can get in the habit of looking for the good stuff. One of the most helpful habits we can help children develop is taking time each day to appreciate themselves, others and the things that make them happy. If they can write down or draw all these great things, even better!

Not only does this positivity practice make everyday life a bit brighter, it also comes in handy when times are tough. It means kids have an easy roll-call of Good Stuff – either at the forefront of their brain or written/drawn somewhere, or both – to remind them of how brilliant they are and of who, or what, might help make them feel better.

I’ve made three versions of this free, downloadable 4-sheet activity pack. There’s a printable PDF and two fill-in digital files (Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint). I hope this makes it as helpful as possible for parents and educators. You’re all doing an amazing job trying to keep kids engaged and happy in really difficult circumstances.

So what’s in this activity pack, then?

Each of the activity sheets includes five spaces for kids to write or draw about things they love, along with prompts to help spark their memories and ideas. One sheet encourages children to build their confidence by listing five things they like about themselves. Another helps them communicate what they love about someone close to them, like a parent or a best friend.

And the other two sheets give kids a place to keep track of all the big, small, silly, weird things that make life great for them – from funny videos and arty activities to their top five favourite ice cream flavours.

Click the links below to download the version of the activity pack that suits you best. Or you can download a folder with all three versions, to keep and use as and when you need them.

Let in the love!

What I Love About… activities pack downloads:
PDF printable
Fill-in Google Slides file
Fill-in Microsoft Powerpoint file
Folder – includes PDF, Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint files

And if you want any fun books to help children discover amazing new things to love about the world, I’ve written some! Maybe they’ll get swept up in the big ideas and beauty of modern art? Learn how they can help Earth by solving the climate crisis? Or find out just how fascinating they really are by taking all sorts of fun psychology quizzes?

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I hope you and the kids in your life really enjoy this Book Adventures reading activities pack. Please do get in touch to let me know how you get on, I’d so love to hear from you.

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